of our company is created entire by us, including our production process, logo, packaging, website, networking, and product photos.   We cannot thank you enough for all of your support.  It truly means the world to us! 

Warmest Aloha,

From the Big Island,  

Emily & Kegan Yuson


Hamakua Toffee Company

Honomu, Hawaii

Our Story

                     However, with four kids to support, my husband working over time, and still living paycheck to paycheck,  we thought “why not?”

We started off selling our toffee in a little stand on the side of our road along the Hamakua Coast.  Before we knew it, people began returning and our customer base began to grow with both locals and tourists alike.  We learned a handful of them either owned small mom-and-pop shops or knew of others who owned local businesses.  The next thing we know, our toffee is being sold at several different stores and gift shops from Hilo to Honoka'a.  This word-of-mouth experience was a perfect example of “coconut wireless” and was truly amazing!

The family's confectionery store, 1920's

The 5th generation recipe for our toffee originates from my great great grandfather who had a little confectionery shop in the early 1920’s.  Most members of our family know how to cook the toffee but no one has commercially sold it since my great great grandfather.  Normally, family members would only make it for gifts or during the holidays.

Our first day selling toffee, Onomea Scenic Route

Our road side toffee stand

Our daughter enjoying the toffee stand 

However, our toffee was no where else on our island.  So early one morning, my husband packed the car full of toffee and began his journey.  He came home late that night with an empty vehicle.  He said that every store, hotel, and gift shop was excited to carry our candy after tasting samples.  It was a very remarkable and memorable experience.  We still can’t believe it.  Today, we are in many stores across the Big Island,  Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.  

We want every customer to know that they are getting an honestly made, authentic product that is created with the highest integrity and quality by real people, me and my husband.  Everything is cooked in small batches and is 100% handmade, hand cracked, and hand packed.  Decorative packaging, strategic marketing methods, and synthetic ingredients  are the opposite of what we stand for.  We take great pride in knowing that every single aspect