​​​"Oh my goodness, this is INCREDIBLE! I have to put the bag on the other side of the room so I can make sure my wife gets to try it LOL. Thank you so much. What an amazing product. I'm totally blown away!"
- Matt Holmes, Big Island HI

“I was personally introduced to your candy over the holidays and found it to be the best toffee

I've ever had!” 

- Nancy, Oahu HI


“I need this, this is my only favorite candy.  It has to be the best toffee in the world.  Got a couple bags at Mauna Kea visitors center and they lasted me almost 2 months, 1 little piece of heaven a night. I love that it is a 5th generation family business.  They put so much love in every part of the product.  Try it, I guarantee you will love it.” 

Louise Ungerman, OR

"Amen to that.... taste...... soo ono..the best” 

- Darren, Kalama Valley HI

“We bought a bag at the Low Store on our trip a couple weeks ago and ate it all on the way back to Waikoloa!” 

- Michelle, Morgan Hill CA

“I recently purchased a bag of your toffee from Kona Wine Market, and it was AMAZING! ” 
- Nikki, Kailua-Kona HI

“We are always looking for high quality local products to sell in our store, and your toffee is incredible. I can't keep it on the shelves!”
- First Light Bookstore, Maunakea Visitor Information Station

Big Island HI

“I am pleased to report that your toffee is flying out of the store!”
- Puako General Store, Kailua-Kona HI

"Just picked up these bags of deliciousness! Kegan & Emily, soooo good! Perfect sweet treat. Will definitely be buying them for friends and family! Toffee lovers,

hit it up for a sweet little slice of heaven.​"

- Nicole, Kailua HI

“Loved your toffee and will visit island again…. Thx for the wonderful product, we enjoyed.”

- Karen, Cornelius NC

"The toffee is SO good! It’s perfect, not too hard, not too soft, and with the chocolate, omg, amazing!  It shipped just fine too, no issues! Thank you! "​
- Jen Hoover

Jackson, WY

“Good Christmas gift! This stuff is unreal!”

- Joshua, Kailua HI

"The amazing tasting Hamakua Hawaiian Macadamia nut butter toffee. Thank you!"
- ​Sandra, Honolulu HI


- Barbara, Ninole HI

“It is so delicious and rich chocolate! I will order again soon!”

- Bonnie, Baltimore MD

“I sell it at our gift shop Waimea Valley and bought 4 bags. Love it.”
- Lisa, Sunset Beach HI

"Best toffee in the world!"

- Shark's Coffee, Honomu HI

“Oh my goodness! We just bought a bag of your toffee, and it was AMAZING!!!”

- Anonymous 

"​This stuff is addicting!! So so yummy!"

- Oriana, Waialua HI

"Me and my love whacked a whole big bag in one sitting! Super super yummy candy!

Give it a try if you haven't!!! You won't regret it!! 

- Jade, Waimea HI

"Thank you, our people LOVE your toffee." 

- Mary, Kamuela HI

"So happy! Thank you for having such a terrific product - this stuff is amazingly delicious!"

- Kris, Atlanta GA

"...We screamed when we saw that they had one bag left on their shelf. The sales lady said that they sell out of it as soon as they put it out. BEST toffee ever! I will be ordering more on line!

Absolutely delicious!"

- Jeff, Prosper TX

"Bought first bag on vacation in Kona. OMG! Awesome Toffee...Our sons vacationed the next year in Kona, and brought us back a (large) bag. But they ate theirs before they left the island!"

                                                                           - Pamela, Palm Beach FL

"OMG!!!! It is da bomb! Please share this with your Mother. We are ALL SO FORTUNATE AND VERY BLESSED to be able to ENJOY her Great Grandfather’s treasure!  This is the BEST Toffee I have ever had! It is so buttery, but not too sweet, and the perfect texture; crisp, but soft enough to bite.  And I love the dark and of course, Macadamia Nuts... da best!!! Thank you soooo much for the yumminess!"

                                                                             - Donna, Glendale AZ

"So freaking delicious. I about fell over ate so much. That stuff is amazing!
-Charles McGonicle, Las Cruces NM

"All I can say is 1) OMG, 2) they ship throughout the U.S., and 3) order more than one bag. 

So good!"

- Chuck Garrett, Kaneohe HI

​"This handcrafted toffee is a staff pick and best seller.....  a sweet, yet savory, crispy and completely indulgent treat.  With addicting flavor and texture, this luscious toffee makes the perfect gift.  Buyer beware: if buying as a gift, you'd better buy a back-up bag incase one doesn't make it to the intended recipient (you wouldn't be the first to succumb to the toffee temptation)."

- Locavore Store, Hilo HI

"Your toffee is the greatest candy product we have ever tasted.  The only problem is that we can’t stop eating it.  I think it was Lays Potato Chips that used the phrase “Bet you can’t ease just one.”  If you had a contest with them you would win hands down."

​- Sonny Margolis, Prosper TX


"Please print a warning label and attach on your product 'contents are highly addictive'.”  
 - Adrienne, Honolulu HI

Wow.....this toffee is so delicious. It’s unlike other toffee in that it’s flavor is yummy smooth rather than overly rich! It’s also easy to enjoy a bite into rather than hard and impenetrable! You can taste the generational love that’s been made into it. It’s irresistible.”
Peace be upon us,
Robin - Baltimore, Md